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Writing Lessons

 Lots of English language students struggle with their writing. I've found that using letters or emails as part of a weekly task either at home or in class can greatly benefit students.   Below are links to letters we have used with our Entry 2, Entry 3 and Level 1 ESOL students in preparation for Cambridge ESOL Exams.

Each text can be marked using the standard Cambridge ESOL points system.

6 points for text and meaning   

6 points for sentences and general grammar

3 points for words, spelling and punctuation

This gives a total of fifteen marks and allows students to clearly see which area of their writing needs working on.

All these letters have been saved in 'word' meaning that they can be changed, simplified, or altered in anyway.

All About You, the first Email

Daily Routine

Describe someone you know

Driving Advice

Education Report

Letter about a job

Food and Cooking advice

Cultural Celebrations

Health and Body advice

Job Application

Learning English Advice

Funding letter

New Year

Past Simple, Talk about your past

Please fill in this form

Present Perfect Questionnaire

Report Writing

Superlative Questions

Tell us about your past

Time for  story

Travelling Letter














































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