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PowerPoint for the EFL / ESOL classroom

Power Point Lessons and Presentations for the Big Screen

Discussion Shows - Get your students talking to each other!

Low Level Shows  (Beginner and Entry 1)


Pre - Intermediate Show (Entry 2 and Entry



Intermediate Shows (Entry 3 and Level 1)


Advanced Shows (Level 2+)


Lessons with internet films  


Warmers and Filler Shows (all levels)




Complete lessons using PowerPoint

- You need a whiteboard or projector connected to the net with sound

- Students get speaking, listening and writing practise

- Learners only need a pen and paper and you don't need photocopies!

Technology PowerPoint Lesson - Teacher's notes

Relationship PowerPoint Lesson - Teacher's notes



Low Level Shows



Parts of a car              In the bathroom 

In the garage              House and Home

Things in the Kitchen       

A Snowy Day ppt

Also try our: parts of house crossword


simple sentences with verb to be

Punctuate these sentences





Pre Intermediate Shows

Arrange the sentences with will + going to

Past simple negatives and positives

Make past simple questions

Houses and Homes



Intermediate Shows


Name the junk 1

Name the junk 2


Verb Patterns: Correct the sentences.

Arrange two past tense sentences

Correct the sentences

Parts of speech

Talking to your neighbours



Advanced Shows




Warmers and Fillers

Optical Illusions (web link)

More Optical Illusions (ppt)



Lessons with internet films

Videos your students can watch with worksheets. These can be done alone or as part of group

Beginner/ Entry 1+2

Mr Bean Goes to Church - Students watch the video and tick what they see.                  Download the Lesson

Intermediate / Entry 3

Video Jug Review - Use this worksheet to let students review the films at www.videojug.com    Download the lesson

Energy Efficiency - Students watch the videos and answer the questions.  Download the lesson

How to be a good boyfriend - watch the video and answer the questions. Download the lesson

Advanced/Level 1 +

Four Yorkshire Men (Monty Python) - Students watch the show and correct the mistakes. Download the lesson.



Discussion Shows

Get your students chatting together with our great PowerPoint presentations!

Suitable for Entry 2/intermediate/A2 +

Talk about Driving

Talk about Houses

Talk about Halloween

Talk about your local community

Talk about Christmas

Talk about Clothes

Talk about Money and Banks

Talk about Politics

Talk about the past

Talk about Health

Talk about Superlatives

Talk about Marriage

Talk about Film Genres

Talk about Active Listening



A great place for discussion ideas in the classroom is ITESLJ Discussion section - many thanks for some great questions and topics!



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