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ESOL UK Citizenship

To gain UK citizenship and a UK passport, those

with Entry 3 English or above must take a Citizenship Test.


See our links and worksheets below.



The information you need comes from


'Life in the United Kingdom'

by The Home Office

Click here to buy the book and get it delivered to your house.


Citizenship Worksheets

Possible Questions                             UK Government

Population and Census                       Traditional Days and Celebrations

European Union (next update)           The Commonwealth (next update)

UK Religions (next update)




Useful Citizenship Links



Where can I take a test? Click here to find a centre near you.



What do I need to know? See the Possible Questions above or visit the website         UK government Citizenship Test site



Woodland's Junior School has some good information on British Customs



The Welsh Skills agency has some fantastic POLICE ESOL lessons you can download or buy.



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