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Complete lessons using PowerPoint

 You need a whiteboard or projector connected to the net with sound

*** Students get speaking, listening and writing practise ***

*** Learners only need a pen and paper and you don't need photocopies! ***

*** Instant lessons you don't need to prepare! ***


Click on the lessons below to download them.

1. Technology PowerPoint Lesson - Teacher's notes

2. Relationship PowerPoint Lesson - Teacher's notes

3. Crime PowerPoint Lesson - Teacher's notes

4. Food and Drink PowrPoint Lesson- Teacher's notes

5. Giving Advice PowerPoint Lesson- Teacher's notes

6. Chatting with Friends PowerPoint Lesson- Teacher's notes

7. Health and Illness PowerPoint Lesson- Teacher's notes

8. House and Home PowerPoint Lesson- Teacher's notes

9. Money and Banks PowerPoint Leson- Teacher's notes

10. Sport and Keeping Fit PowerPoint Lesson- Teacher's notes


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