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ESOL Lessons

Worksheets and Lessons for ESOL/EFL/ESL students.


See our ESOL Links Section for other great ESOL materials


We've tried to grade materials by level. Click on the link below for our materials


Entry 1

Entry 2

Entry 3

Level 1


Celebrations and Festivals in the UK



See our ESOL Citizenship section for help with the 'Life in the United Kingdom' test.


For full lessons you can use instantly with your class see our complete powerpoint lessonscomplete powerpoint lessons



















Entry 1











































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Entry 2

Entry 2 Reading

Job Reading Comprehension

Baby vocabulary worksheet

Education Reading worksheet

Clothes Crossword

The Fat Man Reading Comprehension

Patrick Trueman

Describing people

Transport comprehension

Reading prescriptions

Active Learners

2012 Olympics **NEW**

Letter of complaint**NEW**

Proverbs **NEW**



Entry 2 Speaking


Superlative Life Quiz

Should (Elementary)

Telephoning the Gas Company

Questions and Interviews

Telephoning Worksheets

Saying the Date

Complaining Examples **NEW**

Giving a presentation **NEW**

Entry 2 Writing

CV Writing

Describing People

Making faces on the internet

The importance of neat handwriting

Punctuate these sentences

**NEW **Writing Christmas and Birthday cards


Entry 2 Grammar

Comparatives and Superlatives

**NEW** Present simple true or false

Some and any **NEW**


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Entry 3


Entry 3 Reading

Jobs and Careers Crossword

Health and Doctors Crossword

TV shows lesson

Money Crossword

Airport Crossword

Describing people

Transport comprehension

Reading prescriptions

Active Learners

Relationships (complete PPT lesson)

Technology (complete PPT Lesson)

Taking digital photos **NEW**



Entry 3 Speaking

Going to the Dentist

Health Discussion Worksheet

2nd conditional quiz for speaking

Superlative Life Quiz

Giving Advice

Returning items to a shop

Phrases for situations

Entry 3 Writing

CV Writing

Click here for our new letter writing page

Marco White Reading and writing

The 25 most common spelling mistakes


Entry 3 Grammar

Present Perfect lesson

Past Continuous lesson

1st and 2nd Conditionals

Health and Modal verbs


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Level 1


Level 1 Reading

Employment Rights

Everyday Problems Crossword

Book Review Sheet (very handy for self study)

Internet Research Worksheet plus answers

Descriptions of People NEW

Level 1 Speaking

Body idioms    

Manners Discussions

Night Club Language






Level 1 Writing

Simple, compound and complex sentences plus explanation

Comparing Language

Marco White Reading and Writing

Writing a letter of complaint

How to write a simple argumentative essay



Level 1 Grammar

Present Perfect

Crazy Conditional Sentences

Correct the present perfect sentences




Festivals and Celebrations in the UK

New Year's Resolutions (simple E2+ activities)

ESOL Christmas Activities (simple E1-L1 activities)

Christmas Discussion (Pre-Int PowerPoint discussions)

Celebrations in the UK (overview of UK celebrations)

Valentine's Day (complete PPT lesson on relationships, links well to this celebration)

Halloween (or Halloween) - great ESOL lesson with gap fill and pictures

Bonfire Night - The fifth of November


ESOL Links

ESOL Lessons and Worksheets

One Stop English ESOL                   Great ESOL Lesson plans

Manchester College                       Wonderful Worksheets and ideas

Citizenship lessons from NIACE       Graded citizenship material

Police ESOL Lessons                      Download PDF of great police lessons

Cambridge ESOL                           Practise exams - all modes and level

ESOL curriculum and Activities       Download official materials from DFES



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