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Computer Vocab




Go Shopping on the Net

Shopping for clothes

Get your students shopping for clothes

download the worksheet here


Shopping for food

Shop the web for food with worksheet.

Get the worksheet here




Using the Internet for Research


Using Ebay:

Get your students using the biggest site on the net

Download Elementary

  Download Intermediate


Researching People

Download Elementary

 Download Intermediate


Researching Countries

Download Elementary

Download intermediate


Researching Movies

Download the lesson


Research Questions (intermediate)

Download the lesson


Using the Yellow Pages www.yell.com

Download the lesson



Click here for our free lesson plan and lesson ideas

Using www.facebook.com



Using Computers without the internet


Punctuation Tasks

Download Elementary : Download Intermediate


Correct the word order

Download Elementary : Download Intermediate


Typing Tasks

Download Elementary : Download Intermediate

 see also reading section for material to type


Make a poster

Download Elementary


Make a menu

Download Elementary


Watching Videos

Videos your students can watch with worksheets. These can be done alone or as part of group

Beginner/ Entry 1+2

Mr Bean Goes to Church - Students watch the video and tick what they see.   Download the Lesson

Intermediate / Entry 3

Video Jug Review - Use this worksheet to let students review the films at www.videojug.com  Download the lesson

Energy Efficiency - Students watch the videos and answer the questions.  Download the lesson

How to be a good boyfriend - watch the video and answer the questions. Download the lesson

Advanced/Level 1 +

Four Yorkshire Men (Monty Python) - Students watch the show and correct the mistakes. Download the lesson.

Using Songs from www.youtube.com

Click here for our lesson on using internet songs




































































































Search the band's amazing website to complete the worksheet.



Student Worksheet



















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Using chatrooms with EFL/ESOL students


Speak to me

Alice Robot

My Little Tony

Miscellaneous Worksheets

      Making Faces on the internet